Welcome to my Academic Website

Version 2I received my PhD from the University of Chicago and I am now an Assistant Professor at the National Research University  Higher School of Economics, Moscow. My research interests focus on the history of analytic philosophy and its relevance for contemporary philosophy of language, thought, and logic. I also have an active interest in ethics.

Some topics on which I have been working:
1) The context principle, in relation to compositionality and the nature of nonsense
2) Resolute readings of Wittgenstein
3) Signs, meaningful signs, and linguistic disjunctivism
4) The relations between syntax and semantics in the Tractatus
5) The force/content distinction and the Frege-Geach Point
6) The nature of truth-bearers
7) Stanley Cavell’s discussion of “moral perfectionism” in relation to charges of aestheticism and self-absorption
8) How to approach the moral and political thought of Pier Paolo Pasolini in light of Cavell’s philosophy

My recent research projects originated from a long-standing interest in Wittgenstein. Wittgenstein and a number of Wittgensteinian philosophers (such as Elizabeth Anscombe, Stanley Cavell, Cora Diamond, and John McDowell) have largely contributed to shaping my sense of how progress can be made in philosophy.